My garden-Lemmon’s Marigold(芳香萬壽菊)

Lemmon's Marigold

This is a golden yellow flowers with a herb plants, it has a lot of Chinese names, but no matter what name is very appropriate to its appearance and odor.

In my garden, I can only be proud of enough like a plant, it will not wither every season, so plants usually do not look attractive, just waiting for it to fit growing season.


We are accustomed to speculate natural pace, but not obtaining the secret, only knew the morning dew or the sudden burst of rain at night, the next day the sun came out, weeds wildflowers grow rapidly, it is natural for our homework.

Recently Taiwan’s weather seems to have really like winter mode, I’m ready to accept, I believe my plant also.





5 thoughts on “My garden-Lemmon’s Marigold(芳香萬壽菊)

    • I read that you describe, I feel very satisfied and happy, although we in different countries, but we feel the same or similar nature, it is amazing!
      Have a nice day! 🙂


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