My garden-Citrus trees(帝王柑)


This time , my garden of citrus trees always bear fruit, some taste sweet, some sour, but in the feelings of the heart are satisfied.
Today I feel really come winter, winter mode here is the integration of damp and cold, so I started to medium fuel oil furnace, and then wait for the temperature down a little bit again.

Today alone at home, and my dog.
Always at such time, I can think of some things and arrange next week’s activities.

I looked at the sleeping dog in this weather she always can sleep peacefully, I think animal emotion is single, you can meet a little bit of feeling from the dogs that meet the performance, but the complexity of human emotions, I always there is such contradictory feelings, my husband and children busy with work and school assignments, occasional holidays too, so most of the time I enjoy this time, you can read a book or painting, belonging to a person fully invested time I will be thinking how to arrange their own time, so my family and I always curious why these busy, I would like to say to my family, this busy time, I feel very happy.


This is my garden of citrus trees from seedlings started about three years to become a tree, we do not sprinkle pesticides, so the results will always be visible during many ant or butterfly larvae, I think nature is balanced if the use of chemical agents, although it may have a beautiful fruit, but we eat these fruits, pollution agent or will return to our bodies, so my husband and I never use pesticides, which we have been insisting.







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