My Life- Sesame oil chicken(麻油雞)


Winter Food
My childhood, my mother told me that ginger is a woman’s best friend, as long as women know how to eat ginger, with ginger, life can stay healthy. My daughters did not eat ginger, but I just told them that Ginger can be active inside the body’s blood, keeping skin beautiful, they will try.


When I was young, I really like spicy food, but often cause stomach discomfort, then I change to eat ginger, it is necessary cooking sauce and flavor can be added to food for Asians, such as steamed fish or braised beef are required.

Ginger is very important to use the site, the more mature ginger, it’s more fiber and spicy taste stronger, you can warm the body and stimulate the body to increase body temperature, so are used for seasoning, but the taste more tender part, it can be consumed.
Very convenient and fast, which is the mothers must eat after giving birth of home-cooked dishes.

Wash chicken and then into the hot water, put the chicken grease removal.

Winter to eat ginger can make the body heat.


This dish is sure to use the Black Sesame oil, it is the soul.

First, I put in the pot black sesame oil, the ginger into thin, it must Scoop yellowish, ginger can absorb black sesame oil, it will very tasty. 🙂

Then, I put rice wine, with slow fire cooked, about 15 minutes later, the air filled with the smell of incense, for me, it belongs to the smell of warm winter.

I do not eat meat, so I put noodles and let it suck the soup, taste better.

If you can accept the ingredients, you can try it full of traditional Oriental cuisine.:)


8 thoughts on “My Life- Sesame oil chicken(麻油雞)

  1. Awww. Like your daughters, I’m not a huge fan of ginger at all and try not to eat it 😀 Maybe it’s a generational thing. However, recently I’ve been buying green juices and they have teensy bit of ginger in it…and I think it accentuates the taste of the juice.

    Those two dishes look very tasty, Meihsiu. I am sure you are a great cook 🙂

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