My wild table-Antlers lettuce salad(鹿角萵苣)


This season there are many types of lettuce in Taiwan, which is one of the antlers, like lettuce, I see leaves and I think the American elk horn.
This antlers without the traditional lettuce lettuce tastes bitter, its crisp taste, also a lot of juice, usually our cooking is to put crushed garlic and cook, but I decided to made salad.

About walnuts, we have this argument, its fruit like the brain, so eat healthy mind nucleolus have to make the argument, haha……….



I put the antlers chopped lettuce and pour extra virgin olive oil, refrigerators existing ingredients, add tomatoes, chopped walnuts, garlic bread, then add a little salt, but no cheese powder, otherwise the taste will be better.:)

Today is a busy day, because my husband last night on duty, Even with a family , there was still time alone , we will encounter this time , I would suddenly become more rapid pace, I tried not to panic and all were successfully completed, I think this is as a mother in the face of the potential capacity of families and children when I takes my daughter to get up then I prepare breakfast, and I took my dog for a walk.

After my daughter went to school, I drove out motion, I used to run away from home near the reservoir, where the winding mountain road, at least 5 km climb, my legs muscular endurance is good training, but I still feel fatigue and difficulty, I tried to get focus is not concentrated in the body tired part, but to imagine other unrelated things.

A lot of people are always in a quiet environment to think about, but I used to when I exercise.

I think that when you do anything, if you hold a rejection attitude to face, and that process will feel the pain, if it is psychologically prepared to face, I think regardless of the outcome is good or bad, I think that there are enough courage to accomplish anything.


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