My cook-Taiwan Radish cake(蘿蔔糕)

Taiwan  Radish  cake
This is a traditional Taiwanese snacks, from five-star hotels to the general traditional family dinner table can eat the food, it is indica rice add water into the rice milk dessert made in Taiwan will house the previous farm surplus The rice powder made into a variety of categories, according to different taste to produce different types of noodles.

Taiwan’s New Year, it also must eat white radish cake, because white radish from Hokkien pronunciation and “good luck” are similar, so on behalf of a good symbol of food.


I liked the use of seasonal ingredients, this is my neighbor granny grown vegetables, the amount they planted much, unlike the large-scale supermarkets, because you want fruits and vegetables look beautiful, it is possible to use a lot of antibiotics, or plant hormones, something that makes people worried about.


Today, I use a dry powder more convenient indica rice, then add the right amount of water into a paste, the white radish cut into filaments, ingredients are shrimp and meat, salt and pepper are required, and all the ingredients are evenly mixed after , steamed into the pot, if you eat directly taste, somewhat like a potato with smooth, we have another way of eating, after the refrigerator, then low heat fried, the skin a little charred and crispy, topped garlic sauce or tomato sauce or chili sauce.

Its secret lies in proportion to the rice and water , if not balanced, it is very likely to fail.

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