My garden-Camellia(天香茶花)

My garden-Camellia

Recent outdoor temperature decreases, but I really like this kind of weather, especially for the gardening work for me in the garden for 20 camellia, cold weather is suitable for them in full bloom.

My garden-Camellia

I recently was doing travel planning, a person’s travel is easy, but the family’s travel is more difficult, a lot of factors to be considered, my husband would prefer to go to a tropical country like Thailand, but I want to go to Europe or Japan.
I started to miss a person can travel freely day…………….



3 thoughts on “My garden-Camellia(天香茶花)

  1. 今年春天,我試著種了一株茶花,沒想到卻沒種成功 … 嗚嗚。 會不會是夏天氣溫太炎熱或是日照的緣故。 不過在妳這看到美麗的茶花,多少安慰了一些~~ ^^

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