This is a heavy atmosphere of sadness Chinese Lunar New Year, on the morning of February 6, southern Taiwan occurred 6.4 Richter scale earthquake, until now still engaged in relief work, the number of deaths have been 93 people, earthquakes resulting in many broken families, the Taiwan earthquake zone, each of its people living in Taiwan is the common experience of life, but also the hidden fears, some of the world’s big cities residents frightened and troubled by the earthquake, such as Turkish writer Pa Koh Mook spoke through his works has two million people in Istanbul for earthquake frightened people, in the constant aftershocks even sleep all dressed in clothes ready to escape, he is writing a 25-year long table decentralization some books to create a thick shock space.
But there are fears of an earthquake, and finally had to overcome or forget it, otherwise life can not live calm.
I think we can live on is a quiet happiness. For any given disaster of nature, some to be expected but unable to face resistance, we live in an earthquake zone, we must learn to live together and earthquakes. We were born here, live here, or options here, there must be one or more than sufficient reason to fear the earthquake.



9 thoughts on “Unpredictable

  1. I heard about the earthquake in Taiwan on the news. My condolences go out to everyone there, and it is so sad it had to happen just before the Lunar New Year. It is hard to predict what will come in the future, but I don’t think feeling fearful all the time will be helpful. Where there are challenging times, if we keep moving we become stronger. Happy Lunar New Year, Meihsiu.


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