My Garden-Cherry

My garden cherry blossom, spring is coming!!

When winter is about to become the spring, it has changed dramatically, and sometimes unpredictable, so this month I had a bad cold, usually I’m healthy, my daughter thought I was Superman, but I was sick like a cat.


Although the weather is not exactly springlike, Weather reported that next week will soon cold, I think this is a subtropical climate characteristics.

My daughter will attend high school and college entrance exams in a few months, for their life, this is a very important stage, I did not give them any pressure, but they all understand the importance of this, I they said: do your best …








14 thoughts on “My Garden-Cherry

  1. Such beautiful photos of the flowers and the bird, Meihsiu. Looks like the sun is shining, and spring is here for you. Hope you are better from the cold. Those things can be nasty. Good luck to your daughter for her school this year. She sounds very smart and she will do well 🙂

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