My Garden This Weekend

Some people describe the spring mood changes like a woman, like, at any time, but for now the weather has entered the summer, I think it is more like a spring change.
Chinese traditional customs, April is the ancestor worship, which is characteristic of this season will continue to rain, so the Chinese people are talking about the characteristics of the still has its truth, rural farmers farming as a reference.

Incense Machilus(香楠樹)

I really like flowering trees, they have different seasonal colors, it also leaves rub fragrance, this is my garden of native species.


White Fringed Iris(日本鳶尾)

March and April bloom every year, is a good cultivation Iris, it is my favorite kind of iris.

Wisteria also opened, like the purple butterfly, its flowers braided blown off the floor, it looks like a purple carpet.

This is the garden of  tallow tree, which grows green leaves, I feel full of life……how you feel?

bamboo partridge(野生竹雞)

It is a wild bird, wings developed, so it is most of the time walking and foraging on the ground, and then I saw it for the first time to take its presence in the balcony.


cherry flowers(巴西甜櫻桃)


Golden Trumpet-tree(黃金風鈴木)

Ceylon-olive Elaeocarpus(錫蘭橄欖)



My husband loved here, he is also very proud of, and we hope to retire and daughters college after graduation moved to the mountains to live.
Then we can grow some plants in need of care or fruits and vegetables every day.

This time the mountain like the Chinese ink landscape painting, I think it is very beautiful.

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