Summer vacation -Taichung and Tainan Travel


(Rainbow Lane,台中彩虹眷村)

This is one of the girls favorite attractions, such as the colorful pictures in the roadway always have a good effect.
Many veterans have been living here since urban renewal, the old house demolished and removed, replaced by beautiful elevator building, so there was the old man began paintbrush painting color and drawing his people full of joy, a lot of young people to the government request, they hope to retain a part of the old house, now it becomes rainbow Lane, have attracted a lot of young people taking pictures every day, more tourists are from Japan or Korea.



Taiwan has many examples of re-use of the old house, where the original 1966-year-old bank, it gives new life to old buildings, old buildings fusion of fashion and properly. Building exterior preserve the character of the bank, and then after renovation with new equipment, the sale of all kinds of ice inside the food products, including savory, dessert, mangoes, its really delicious!!!

P1170157          P1170147



Evergreen High School in 1885 (Guangxu eleven years) was founded by the British Presbyterian Church of Taiwan’s first high school

At that time the school name “Presbyterian High School,” June 21, 1939 through the filing of a formal “Evergreen School.”

Early school provided only recruit boys, until 1971, for the first time by recruit girls.

1980 Upon order by the Provincial Department of Education, “Taiwan Tainan City Evergreen private high school” to “private Tainan City Evergreen High School.”

2005 Evergreen Middle School into the founding of the first 120 years, from the beginning to the end to hold a series of activities and enable the Memorial Clock Tower (Wikipedia)


Tainan Xinhua Street,台南新化街役場

This old building’s 50th years ago, Xinhua earthquake without damage, after the retrocession of Taiwan because the urban planning for the parking space, the fate of almost being demolished.
In particular, in 1996 due to the construction of parking, so this building should have been full of Baroque buildings demolished, and later some people with cultural movement way the old house, the old house to move out of this building, moved to its current location, it was able to save .



Tainan Fahua Temple, It is one of the four famous temple in Tainan.P1170099

It was first built in the Ming Dynasty, the Qing Emperor Kangxi 23 years (AD 1684). The late Japanese rule, was because Allied bombing, Fahua Temple destroyed half. Later, the original reference pattern in the form of reconstruction, wood frame with reinforced concrete was rebuilt, but because of its far-reaching historical significance, and its regulation is still through the traditional, still listed three monuments.
Fahua Temple After three hundred years after years, although the appearance of the temple has been renovated several times, but still can feel its history.



Tainan Anping Wang Mansion was built in 1937 AD, this building was one of the most luxurious mansion in Anping, the owner Wang salt business to business to get rich, so that the construction of this house, in the style of the main Taiwanese Anping town in style, it is very special. During the Japanese occupation, the Japanese authorities to prevent this house is too significant to force this house painted black to prevent the Allied bombing became the object. Currently Wang descendants still live in the old house to save in good condition.



After signing the Treaty of Tianjin in the Qing court, Anping become treaty ports, a German businessman Dongxing (Julius Mannich) and Peterson (J. Peterson) to set up quality Anping Easy Company, their main business is export business of sugar and camphor, but also agents ship transport business.
The building was completed in 1876, its arcade railing using green glaze vase ornaments, pottery is a Chinese and Western vase baluster form of binding, very special.
Unfortunately, in February this year because of the earthquake in southern Taiwan, the building is damaged, now being restored.

P1170100 P1170095

Monuments billboard
Taiwan monuments, in addition to a detailed explanation of the text outside the building in a prominent place so you can see the concrete pillars, the above will be marked that it belongs to the national monuments or municipal government set level, it also clearly shows s and historical importance.





嘉義布袋高跟鞋教堂( Chiayi Bu Dai heels church)

It is located in Chiayi Bu Dai heels church, completed in 2016, it has attracted more than 1.3 million of tourist crowds, because close to the sea, although the sea breeze, but still felt very hot, so I think it should be autumn or winter would be better .
Guinness World Records also obtain certification is the largest building in the shape of the shoe.


台南北門水晶教堂( Tainan Peimen Church of Crystal)

Tainan there another style is very romantic church, its design from the Church of Guam Sea (ST Laguna Chapel), minimalist and white crystal church exotic, and with the surrounding surface reflection off each other, it is also wedding photography and a popular venue for weddings.


Tainan Anping Tree House


P1170105 P1170074

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  1. What lovely attractions around Taiwan. Very nice to hear the old buildings are getting used once again. That big slipper looks magnificent and hopefully it will shine in the years to come 🙂

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  2. simply wonderful… I miss Taiwan sooo much!!! ❤ our son and his Taiwanese girlfriend are on vacation there… lucky them!!! 🙂
    * * *
    have a great week and good luck in all your endeavours… cheers! 🙂

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