The Eye of the Painter and the Elements of Beauty

I know a teacher, she has a very beautiful garden, each season has a different scenery, flowers, trees or small animals are deeply attracted me, watercolor has a special attraction to me, but I still kept Of learning.
Today, do not practice watercolor, to paint oil painting, this is the teacher’s lovely granddaughter, I remember I used to see my daughters, with such a perspective, but they have grown up.

This is the recent painting to bring me the feeling, I think the painting is a tangible comfort.
We see ourselves in the painting, but also in the painting experience life,
There are many stories of the paintings, open up your understanding of the world;
Cause resonance in the picture of the situation, for your heart into a warm stream.
The following are the same as the “Painting, not learning, but understanding; not analysis, but feelings.
It gently soothe the tired, painful heart, open our dialysis of others and the self of the inner eye,Ultimately, the awakening of rigid life leads us towards the desired life.
The following are the same as the “Feel tired and tired, into a sad lonely,About to forget the feeling of happiness, want to find a support when the power of … …
Do not have any knowledge or knowledge, as long as quietly staring, with “heart” experience, I can walk into the painting, feel the power of painting, so that the mood to regain calm calm.The following are the same as the “Different paintings, each with different forms of emotional expression,sometimes introverted hidden, sometimes positive and positive, true reflection of the artist’s life appearance and emotions.

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