My Garden-Cherry

My garden cherry blossom, spring is coming!!

When winter is about to become the spring, it has changed dramatically, and sometimes unpredictable, so this month I had a bad cold, usually I’m healthy, my daughter thought I was Superman, but I was sick like a cat. Continue reading

My garden-Pale Thrush(白腹鶇)

My garden-Pale Thrush(白腹鶇)

What are you looking for?

When I saw this bird, I was shocked, because it is almost the entire head is in the soil, it is very serious in looking for food.
Pale thrush from Siberia, which every year to spend the winter warmth of Taiwan, this is the first time I saw it, I hope pale thrush are able to spend the winter in my garden every year. Continue reading



This is a heavy atmosphere of sadness Chinese Lunar New Year, on the morning of February 6, southern Taiwan occurred 6.4 Richter scale earthquake, until now still engaged in relief work, the number of deaths have been 93 people, earthquakes resulting in many broken families, Continue reading


Yesterday, the invasion of Taiwan into a low temperature, about 4-5 ° C outdoors, Taiwan has a subtropical climate, but actually had a similar snow sleet, it could have been floating in the air, the water molecules in the air hit low on the snow for the similar substances . Continue reading

My garden-Taiwan Blue Magpie(台灣藍鵲)

My cabin in the mountains, every day always appear Taiwan Blue Magpie in the evening, which is representative of Taiwan’s birds, they appear in the altitude of 300 meters in the woods, very happy with my living conditions for them are friendly, so every day they will appear in my garden.
Taiwan Blue Magpie is a cluster of birds, 10 or group is possible, they fly looks very special, 40 cm long tail so that they exhibit similar glider flight mode.

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