My Garden-Cherry

My garden cherry blossom, spring is coming!!

When winter is about to become the spring, it has changed dramatically, and sometimes unpredictable, so this month I had a bad cold, usually I’m healthy, my daughter thought I was Superman, but I was sick like a cat. Continue reading

Garden Scenery


Summer is the gardener’s enemy. Why? Because as long as the sun appeared, the mountains of the temperature rise immediately, this time in the sunlight tough, even a hat, solar control body wearing clothes drying in the sun skin is very uncomfortable.

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My garden-Brazil sweet cherry


Brazil sweet cherry

Brazilian cherry, the sell trees businessman calling it a cherry, in fact, it’s just like a cherry fruit plants, I enjoyed observing plants growing their fun, I do not care if it has any harvest.
It’s like life, like everything is not like our plan, it is important to get the process of what, I think it would be more important.

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Winter birds


Taiwan Whistling Thrush(台灣紫嘯鶇)

Its body length of 30 cm, plumage color is dark blue, the sun will be reflected in the blue-purple sheen, they are called glass birds,Today, suddenly found traces of it in the courtyard between the woods, it sounds very special, like a child whistling. Continue reading