My Garden-Cherry

My garden cherry blossom, spring is coming!!

When winter is about to become the spring, it has changed dramatically, and sometimes unpredictable, so this month I had a bad cold, usually I’m healthy, my daughter thought I was Superman, but I was sick like a cat. Continue reading

My garden

Every time a plant to make a photographic record, I’m always thinking, reason why would be planted? Beautiful? Easy to grow? Or just a sudden inspiration?
Life is not daily errands,nor is monotonous day to day life, so I tried to find a little fun in everyday life. Continue reading

My summer

Most representative of summer vegetables is bitter gourd , my children do not like bitter taste, they think vegetables with a bitter taste is very strange, but I know gourd can reduce the heat inside the body, this kind of bitter that I would be labeled juice with honey, or cut into thin slices with garlic fried, although still has a bitter taste, but it is also pass the summer in a leisurely way.

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