My cook-Taiwan Radish cake(蘿蔔糕)

Taiwan  Radish  cake
This is a traditional Taiwanese snacks, from five-star hotels to the general traditional family dinner table can eat the food, it is indica rice add water into the rice milk dessert made in Taiwan will house the previous farm surplus The rice powder made into a variety of categories, according to different taste to produce different types of noodles.

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My wild table-Antlers lettuce salad(鹿角萵苣)


This season there are many types of lettuce in Taiwan, which is one of the antlers, like lettuce, I see leaves and I think the American elk horn.
This antlers without the traditional lettuce lettuce tastes bitter, its crisp taste, also a lot of juice, usually our cooking is to put crushed garlic and cook, but I decided to made salad.

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