Florist’s Daisy(杭菊)


Florist’s Daisy

Car from the highway towards the city center, on both sides of the road you can see a lot of blooming Florist’s Daisy , it seemed different colors dotted the land, many people stopped the car to shoot beautiful photos,Taiwan Miaoli is a warm and simple-minded town, where you can enjoy a very strong rural atmosphere.

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My wild table-Roselle jam(洛神果醬)


Plants most amazing is that people feel the rhythm of the cycle, Beautiful flowers wither over time, maybe nothing or leaving the sweet fruit, Roselle fruit is very special that fruit surface has small spines.

First wash Roselle fruit then remove the pits.

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My herb-Lemmon’s Marigold(芳香萬壽菊)


This season, moist soil and air are very suitable for the growth of vanilla plants, coupled with plenty of sunshine and vanilla plants can grow well.

In sub-tropical countries, although not snow in winter, but rainy and humid, for this reason, in the winter a long time ago I bought a kerosene stove.

So whenever the winter and I living in a cabin, I would open the kerosene stove and then to the small garden behind the house off some of my favorite herb plants, into the hot water, soak a vanilla tea.
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