Taiwan’s Hualien beautiful canyon(錐麓古道)

Taiwan’s Hualien Taroko foreign tourists must visit place, both sides have big cliffs,
I think one of Taiwan’s most beautiful trail, which is also the Japanese colonial era, there’s the trail, this Zhuilu Old Road also known as the East Asia by the Japanese first cliff. Continue reading

My travel- Taiwan Hualien Mukumugi (慕谷慕魚)

This three days, I finished Taiwan Hualien trip, I once again review Hualien in eastern Taiwan’s beauty.
Hualien is one of my favorite cities, it is located in the eastern part of Taiwan, west towering central mountains east of the Pacific (Philippine Sea), population is mainly gathered in the East Rift Valley and the coastal mountains on the eastern side of the coastal zone, it’s famous natural tourist resources , the territory of Taroko National Park, which every year attracts a lot of tourists. Continue reading