A person’s travel-Bed and Breakfast


Tainan has a lot of old houses, some of the old house renovated rearrange reuse becomes B & B.

This B & B near Tainan East Gate circle and easy to find on the internet there is no exact address, innkeepers said they did not want to hold too many travelers visit the mentality, the address is not published, I think this has the advantage of their own there shortcomings, after this little trip in Tainan City, Tainan area I found the road, especially in the lane alley complex. Continue reading

A person’s travel- Tainan


National Museum of Taiwan Literature

A person’s travel, I think the best way to travel is by train, this time I chose Tainan as a destination.
Tainan weather is very warm, it’s not obvious seasonal changes and now the temperature is like the fall, I used to walk to as my vehicle, so the choice is very important attraction, the reason I liked Tainan city is full of old building, which is a city full of literary experience.

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