My wild table-Antlers lettuce salad(鹿角萵苣)


This season there are many types of lettuce in Taiwan, which is one of the antlers, like lettuce, I see leaves and I think the American elk horn.
This antlers without the traditional lettuce lettuce tastes bitter, its crisp taste, also a lot of juice, usually our cooking is to put crushed garlic and cook, but I decided to made salad.

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My wild table

Acerola berry

This is a quiet blogs, I occasionally come back and record some of the little things of life.
The weather is getting into the fall, before the typhoon brought rainfall moist summer dry land, but also bring a little life into my garden, but many plants are unable to resist the summer heat and withered, it does not matter, then plant some seedlings is new life coming this fall.

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