Feeling of life

Feeling of life

I read a book called “you are worried about, 90% will not happen”

When I was young, I never thought about the future, such as how much money I want to make or how I want to have great success My parents always say that ordinary than ordinary can get more happy.

Do not know if you have experience. When you become uneasy and annoyed for something, you feel more and more heavy, because a casual move, or accidentally saw a word, because of an opportunity, suddenly feel that “the original does not matter,” the kind of low tide The mood disappears.

Sometimes, we do not have to cranky, asking for trouble, drink tea to concentrate on tea, eat just want to eat.

While these principles are taken for granted, it is important to realize these “natural” things carefully and focus on “present” and “present” to eliminate unnecessary worries and uneasiness and make the mood easier.

Do not be alarmist, just focus on “present” and “immediate”. The focus is to shrink, let go and forget, so you will meet a positive and cheerful, free and new self.

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