My running-Taoyuan Luzhu half-marathon(21.7K)



My fourth half marathon
Although I have attended many times road race, but each time the mood is still very nervous, maybe I always thought my fitness is not good, so there was still time to participate a guilty conscience feeling.

Starting temperature of 23 degrees from the beginning, I have followed the speed of one kilometer ran about 6-7 minutes fast road, close to the sea here, the road against the wind blowing, an hour later, the sky began out of the sun, the temperature rises to 30 degrees, my heart began to thought it was a tough battle, I spent two hours to run 16 kilometers, but five kilometers later is very difficult, and finally I did to their own standard two hours 30 minutes to finish.
For me, this is a half-marathon endurance test of my own, but in the summer running really painful, then took off his shoes, was found of blood stasis toenails, I know this is not the right questions of shoes, but the lack of training .





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