My Garden-Mountain Litsea(山胡椒)

I think it plays a role in food spice plants the best catalyst, dotted with mundane food, brought back the taste buds beating sparks and dusty memories, and important spice can always extend the spirit of a cultural symbol and even the development lifeline it stimulates, spicy food on the table, but the nature of it you do not know another hidden beauty.

I am very fortunate to have Mountain Litsea in my garden, it is a native species, before we did not reach this land, perhaps to bring its animal or bird seeds, then grow here, and indigenous languages ​​call Makao, it is the traditional diet in many aboriginal common and important spices; fresh fruit in addition to direct consumption, washed and dried salt mix can be stored for a long cooking in a traditional tribal excellent seasoning. Not only to boost appetite, Saisiyat, Atayal people will mashed fruit, soaked in water to drink to ease hangover headache after; addition, early Taroko tribe will retrieve its root soup drinking or affixed to the forehead, also have the effect of slowing headache.

In addition, Mountain Litsea flowers can make tea, fresh leaves into the dish can; birds and flying squirrels also love to eat the fruit, its unique aroma always attracts butterflies and insects feed or lay eggs.

Makao is not only a food material, more traction with traditional tribal life and spirit.
Aboriginal wisdom earth explorers, they know how to live together with the natural environment than the plains people, after all using familiar methods are not easily plunder, but into the spirit of respect and learn heritage.








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